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Not all Critical Care Paramedic Courses are created equal

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

All that glitters is not gold!

When choosing a program...

When you are looking for a Critical Care Paramedic course, are you paying attention to their content? Many times programs will add a lot of "fluff" to their programs that really just don't even matter when it comes to actual patient transport. You need to be able to see content and curriculum that actually applies to what you will see in the field.

Are the instructors credentialed and experienced? Don't be deceived by companies that teach it with little to no actual critical care or flight experience. You want to be able to have an instructor that can not only teach you the material, but also be able to answer any questions that may arise; and if they can't they better be honest enough to say they don't know and will find out the answer for you, rather than give you a false answer.

Does the program offer you anything extra? An essential piece of any critical care paramedic curriculum is the skills that go along with it. Make sure that you are choosing a program that offers you an opportunity to practice and perfect those skills. A cadaver lab makes for an excellent place to practice your skills, and provides that extra value to the program.

Also, is the program offering any guarantees of passing the CCP-C or FP-C exam? While many instructors like to instruct students simply on how to pass the test, does the program not only guarantee that you will pass the exam, but that you will understand the material and the concepts behind it?

At Xtreme Education, we are striving everyday to offer all of this to each of our students, and more. We not only want to provide an excellent education to our students, we want to see them all become excellent and respected clinicians in their field. We feel that every patient that our students treat are an extension of our training, and you will be hard-pressed to find many other people with more compassion for other people and our students than we have at Xtreme Education. We hope to see you join us for one of our Critical Care Paramedic courses, or any other course, for that matter!



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