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Explore HempWorx and all of their benefits!


Although we, at Xtreme Education, teach about trauma and medical emergencies and a variety of treatment options for each situation, we also believe wholeheartedly that there are some issues and conditions that are better treated with less traditional means. We have never claimed to be "cook-book medics" in our treatment of patients in EMS, nor do we think that all medical conditions should all be treated the same way either. We believe in the value and benefits of CBD Oil and want to be able to share it with you. 

Why We Chose HempWorx CBD Products

 * They have the Highest Quality CBD Oil from Hemp Available on the market. It is a CBD brand you can TRUST!

 * They were recently awarded the US Hemp Authority Seal of Approval. This is a big deal because only 25 companies out of 22,ooo applicants were deemed to be of a high enough standard to warrant this status! 

 * They also have a 60 day Empty Package Refund if you are not happy with the product for ANY reason.

 * CBD is THC Free, meaning that it has no psychoactive effects and will not cause you to fail an employment drug screen,. 

 * All HempWorx products are made from the purest hemp available, are grown in the USA, are GMO FREE, synthetic free, and have no fillers or harmful ingredients


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