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Xtreme Education Motorsports Rescue & Staffing Solutions

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Xtreme Event Staffing Solutions is able to provide experienced Paramedics, Advanced EMTs, and EMTs for medical coverage and first aid stations at your special event, festival, fair, or other large gathering! All of our personnel are highly experienced and trained in emergency medicine, first aid, cpr, basic life support, and/or advanced life support. Our on-site medics and emts will have the ability to immediately contact and consult with additional medical assistance if needed and a full patient care report will be documented for every patient contact, no matter how minor. Xtreme staff will have the ability to treat the patients on scene for minor emergencies, or to call the local ambulance service for transport to the local emergency room, as needed. Xtreme is also properly insured for instances such as property damage, liability, and medical malpractice. Examples of some events we can provide medical coverage for are listed below:

Sporting events

Production TV & Film events

Constructions sites

Special events







Mud Runs

ATV/Off-Road Events

Private Parties

Corporate Retreats

Business Expos


other public events

Xtreme Event Staffing can tailor our coverage to your needs. We can offer a first aid station, have a team of personnel with bags of BLS and/or ALS supplies, or even provide an ambulance with a crew, consisting of a paramedic and an emt. All treatment provided by Xtreme staffing is regulated by patient care protocols, approved by our Physician Medical Director, and all employees will adhere to our established company policies and procedures. 

Event coverage is based on your event's specific needs and requirements and is calculated on an hourly basis, in most cases. To request a quote, please fill out the form below.

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Please be advised that we may make recommendations for your event based on the type of event and the number of anticipated attendees. 

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