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Mobile Paramedics

Xtreme Education
Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Are you, or someone you love, in need of assistance at home?

Xtreme Education has developed it's Mobile Integrated Healthcare that can deploy Community Paramedics to take care of your loved ones in the comfort of their own home! Can't make it to the doctor's office, or don't want to make the grueling trip to the emergency room? We can take care of it! Our services include:

1. Vital Signs Assessment

2. EKG Assessment

3. Medication Assistance & Adherence

4. Disease/Illness Management

5. Medical Equipment Assistance

6. IV Hydration Services

7. Home Health and/or Hospice/Palliative Management/Assistance

8. Wound Check/Post-Operative Assessments

9. Home Safety Assessments

10. Resource Assistance Programs

11. Mental Health Management

& More!!

Call us today to book your appointment or event!!



Vital Signs Assessment- $15

Lab Draw- $35

1 Hour Visit with Vital Signs Assessment- $40

2 Hour Visit with Vital Signs Assessment- $65

Medication/Medical Equipment Pickup- $20 + $0.75/mile

IV Hydration- $75 one bag of fluid

                              + $40 for each additional medication added

Monthly Visit Subscriptions

                              1 hr visit, once a week- $120/month

                              1 hr visit, twice a week- $225/month

                              2 hr visit, once a week- $250/month

                              2 hr visit, twice a week- $475/month

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